Well it’s been a long time coming but perhaps we are finally going to see our own recreation center open up here for the 285 corridor area. But rather than depending upon another county vote it seems that some private entities have taken on the exciting initiative to create their own center themselves.

The plans call for a 19 acre 100,000 square foot building that will house a variety of indoor and outdoor sporting facilities including basketball, hockey, tennis, fitnesss and yoga facilities and more! Having been in real estate for almost 20 years this has been something I have wanted to see for years. The fact that Evergreen has had two rec centers while great for them has been frustrating as a Conifer resident and mother of three. While my two oldest children may not benefit from this my youngest still might get to experience the benefits of this facility finally happening. And while the real estate market has been historically crazy here lately this is still fantastic news for long term real estate prices as this will increase dramatically the desirability of moving to and living somewhere along the 285 Corridor.

It’s called the MEC Collective – MEC for Morrison, Conifer, Evergreen and the planned opening is for fall of 2022. Here’s a snippet from their website and I couldn’t agree more!

“The children of our served communities do not presently have any facility nearby to play at during the fall, winter, and spring snow times.   Our athletes are fighting for space at facilities in the Denver area against teams who live in those areas, making it difficult to have priority times. Our facility will also extend the seasons of Soccer, Lacrosse, Tennis, Pickleball and provide training areas for other sports such as Baseball, Football, and Rugby.  This year-round facility will develop a healthier community, better athletes, and stronger families.  It will also give parents more opportunities closer to home. Our core demographic is ages 2-18.   But don’t worry there is plenty of recreation for adults too.”

I am 100% behind and excited by this initiative. I hope you are as well. You can find out more by visiting their website at https://www.meccollective.com.